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AWESOME! oh yeah now i remember reading you saying you fried your VFS1

my switch isn't really damaged at all, it's just the case that's broken, the PCB and all the components are in good shape and i do have a masters degree in electronic and electrical engineering so don't worry i won't do stupid stuff.

but imagine the money you save by not racing because you didnt have that esc you can use that money to buy more tires or a new motor or something?
How come i didn't think of that before? Using the same theory, maybe i should send my VFS1 back to fix (using the slowest shipping optionl) .. then after i get it back, i'll send my KO EX-10 back to KO to get it fixed again using the slowest shipping method (the lap timer function is faulty since brand new) and i will probably save up enough $$$ for another car

haaa anyway, i'll PM you now thanks
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