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I'm excited that this section is here now! I hope we can get some excitement around it.

I have an Ender 3 that I am in love with.
-printed filiment roller guide
-bullseye fan duct
-tool caddy on the top beam
-marlin firmware update
-gulf coast robotics glass bed
-PEI sheet on the glass bed
-stepper dampers on x and y

Seems like a lot of work but I have just tweaked here and there, none of it is needed to print, but does improve the experience and make it more reliable.

I use Fusion 360 exclusively and recommend it to everyone. If you are interested in figures and sculpting though, I point friends to Blender.

Slicing. I recently installed the "Creawesome mod" for Cura. My prints are so clean now, supports just fall off instead of ripping, no strings at all. If you have an Ender and use Cura, this is worth your time.

Anyway, that's my setup, I love being able to reverse engineer a part and install it the same day. Why not?!
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