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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Mailman showed up with a Noble on the door today.. Never seen one in real life before i bought it, but the few reviews i`ve seen looked promising.
Havent had a car radio for a while, last one was a Futaba 4pk.

Very impressed so far. Love the display, and the battery solution even more. Everything feels solid and high end.
I did put in a double sided tape under the display, to lock the steering wheel slide thingy though, i dont care for it to be movable.

Oh, and it can be used directly agaist my win10 computer for VRCpro simulator, by only using USB cable and enable «noble emulator» in the system usb menu, no need for a dongle.

Thumbs up!
Interesting that you felt the need to secure the moving arm so it doesnt move. Mine is very stiff, and doesnt seem to move unintentionally at all while in use. Is yours moving freely?

I dont know what the deal is, but I cant get either of mine to work on my pc as a controller. I think its a USB driver thing.

I have had a good amount of time using the radio in direct sunlight now, and I have to say, I dont think the display in sunlight concern is an issue. Seems bright enough, and once things are dialed in, Im not really looking at it that much anyway. So, time spent modeling a sun shield, wasted? Yeah probably, far from the only thing I have wasted time on. lol

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