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Default Matrials To Use for R/C Parts

I thought I would share what martials I use to make some of my R/C Parts that I make. I have Printed Stuff From Prototype 1/4 Sprint car. to car stands. Here are the Basics I have learned over the last few years. We will start with the most Common.

PLA- PLA Works great For Prototyping stuff I used it to Prototype a 1/4 scale sprint car for WCM Racing over last winter. I wouldn't suggest using it for parts that need to be strong ie A Arms, Bulk Heads. any of that stuff.. Another Down fall is it Warps in heat. so its no good to anything your going to make to use outside or a hot car.

PETG- This is my 2nd go to filament its Fairly easy to print. Not the strongest but does allow for some flex & give. Handles Heat outside well and in hot cars ok. I use this to make a lot of Radio Boxes, and most of my R/C Accessories I make are out of PETG.

PC+ This is one of the Strongest Filaments I use. its offered from Snolab3d Prints a lot like PETG But does need to be Dried before using. and Stored in a Dry Place. it cost a little bit more that PETG. it does not Flex near as much a PETG I use it for a lot of Production parts for WCM in there JP-55 Sprint Car. And I also use it on the rear bumpers I make for them. And use it for most of my charger stands I sell.

ABS- This is one of the hardest Filaments to print. you need to fully enclose your printer and keep it heated up to around 100c. One Down Fall to ABS is it stinks when its being printed. One Plus to it is its STRONG I use it a lot in my Top Wing mounts for the JP-55 Sprint Car

Im Working on Trying Nylon I haven't yet but I have a Roll. So I will let you guys know what I find out. I will also Post Pic's of some of the stuff I have printed.

Hope this helps

Tim B
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