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Originally Posted by xlrsd View Post

couple questions. Iím about to order the Bypass1ís. What type of track are you running on with a shock set up like that? Hard pack, groove, bumpy, low traction, big jumps, right, technical, etc? Iím looking for a good base set up for my local track with the Bypassís, but my track is rough, low-mid traction, small jumps, tight corners. Currently running stock everything in my X, Losi oil 37.5 front, and 35 rear. So changing to Bypass, I didnít want it to throw everything off wack making that change. And why is it so many people run AE oil in their Losiís, whatís the benefit? Same with Mugen springs?
I run AE oil only because my LHS carries the full spectrum of weights. I stick with it because I have a ton of it and think that if I go up a 2.5wt it will really be 2.5wt.

My local track rack is very different on practice day than how it is on race day, so setup is tough. My recommendation would be to change one thing at a time, then adjust around that.... install the bypass1 clear front and blue rear, and everything else exactly the same as you had it, see how it drives for a few tanks. Then change something easy, that doesnít take much time, like springs OR shock position, to suit what the car is doing, try that for a few tanks. I am not super fast, so I try to tune my cars as predictable and easy to drive as possible.... when I try proís setup sheets, they tend to be too twitchy for me, so coming up with my own setups work better for me. Iíve, in the past, made a bunch of changes like diff oil, shock package and tires at the same time while at home, but then I have no idea what worked and what didnít once I get on the track. It totally sucks if you donít have much time to test at the track, but thatís the game weíre all playing I guess.

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