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I dont know this combo but I can give you a little of what i know that may help. From 0 to 10000 ish rpm there is usually a fixed timing value that results in the best efficiency and best power at those rpms. Its a single value.

as the distortion between the rotor and the stator skews above 10000 rpm you will need to add timing at an accelerated rate (on a curve). Most boost settings can handle this to a point. What i have found is a couple ESCs cannot add enough boost somewhere around 3/4 of the way to max rpm and the motor goes flat because the distortion increases at a different rate. That is the rpm to start adding turbo.

if you stage timing with a fixed amount to fatten the low end, boost it from mid-range to 3/4, and add timing with turbo from 3/4 up it will be a very different motor. But you have to be able to measure the difference in power (or feel it) otherwise its allot of work to adjust the timing to correct the field distortion (patience) and the windows are very tight. Like 1 or 2 degrees per 1000 rpm.
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