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I have had both radios, ultimatley stayed wiht the M17. Both radios are fine radios and will make the user happy but here is my take:
1:Cost M17 is cheaper.... You can coupon the 7px down to about 100.00 within M17 however you still have to buy a battery for the 7px it does not come with one and Futaba does not recommend using AA batteries for use of the radio so you must by a battery which runs 40.00-80.00. M17 comes with a battery pack. Sanwa does not offer the option to use AA or AAA batteries so you do need to make sure you keep it charged.
2:Battery charging the M17 has a usb port on the battery for simple charging. never have to take the battery out to charge it. cool litte addition.
3:Screen the 7px does have a little nicer screen witht he touch option, but honestly Sanwa's touch pad is simple and straight forward so to me not much of an advantage.
4:Feel this is more of a persaonally preference I feel more connected with the size and light weight of the M17 but the 7PX is nice just did not feel as comfortable for me.
5:Receivers Sanwa has nicer receivers periond. Sanwa has smaller receivers some with antennas others with a short antenna. Futaba's latest receiver has a short antenna with the antenna tube built into the case. Seems nice but the antenna holder is brittle the holder broke the first time out. Futaba use to be much cheaper on receivers but now they both are expensive in my opinion.
6:Both radios can be updated via micro SD. Futaba advertises updates via an Android phone by simple NFC. It did not work with my phone and when I contacted Futaba I was advised that it does not have NFC for updates which was odd because they advertise it and its in the manual.
Oveall both are fine radios but for me Sanwa had more of what I was looking for in a radio.
7:Fit and finish both are about the same in quality of build.
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