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Hey guys,

​​​​​I just want to share my experience on attempting to update the XR8 sct pro firmware. Some of u might not know this. HW just release new firmware for HW usb link. It has updated software for xr8 plus and xr8 sct pro.

At first I try the normal way evryone would do, update all the firmware and database. Then, try update the esc firmware. But that one failed. No new updates.

Email it to HWNA, seems like they dont know why i failed. Then, i email to HW china. They gave me the proper method

1. Download the hw usb link v4.0.6
2. DISCONNECT internet connection
3. Install the hw usb link
4. Run the software and update the esc

Also you should uninstall the old version before installing the new one.
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