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Originally Posted by the rc guy View Post
Ole Max Amps stomps out any online negative reviews.a FYI
This, they will delete all and any negative reviews they can.

Also this.
Real world testing puts Maxamps as some of the worst performing batteries on the planet.

"Speaking of which: MAXAMPS, The most expensive 6S 5450mah on the planet was by far the worst pack I've ever tested. It failed in every metric so badly I actually feel sorry for the company more then the customers they should be issuing recall notices to. This "True 120C" unit is not even a decent 10C product. Originally I purchased the 5000mah "True 100C" version at a cost higher then TP's Rampage. It tested so bad it almost popped before completing a standard 25C run. Figuring it was simply defective I returned it for the recommended 5450mah "True 120C" version.

Here's where it gets weird because I've always riled against over priced packs: I LOVE THESE GUYS! I received some of the best support I've ever encountered, on par with Dinogy's MarkF. If the $250 5450mah would have compared favorably with his $140 70C unit I would have considered buying more even at their horrendously inflated price. No amount of service or salesmanship could have built a successful company using this caliber of cells, right? They must have received a very bad shipment and simply need to overhaul their inhouse QC procedures. Otherwise theirs is the worst kind of scam. Competitively both units tested are not worth $50 each. It's the only one I've ever filed a Paypal refund claim against because they didn't send what I ordered. "
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