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Originally Posted by billdelong View Post
Yes sir, that is correct, plus TEKNO offers a lifetime 50% warranty for any broken parts you mail into them with no questions asked.

For a track with big air, you can't beat the durability of the SCT410, maybe upgrade to a TBone Racing front bumper if you take a lot of nasty nose dives.

Only concern I have with the ET410 conversion is the bulkheads.... granted I rarely broke a bulkhead on my ET410 when I used to own one, but would tend to bust a bulkhead or bend a supension arm pin with every new track layout change when learning new jump features. For a smaller indoor track I think the ET410 conversion might work well, it's just not as durable as the SCT410 is.
I've raced a couple of sct410.3, and 100% agree. Nothing is as durable. If I were going to race outdoor, big track and big air, nothing else I would run (well I may try my et410sct for fun). As far as my et410sct, that I only race indoor clay, I have not broken any bulkhead. I have actually recently broke 3 rear bulkheads on my et410. Nasty jump where I was flipping and hitting badly on the rear shock tower. I think the full Shortcourse Body and Bumpers, tend to actually help the et410sct, to be a bit more durable. In no way would I want to do a head on crash with a sct410.3. Probably could take on SCTE3.0, head on.
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