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Originally Posted by Darkstorm05 View Post
So in your opinion, it would be mostly ready to go with a set of springs, and swapping the plastic block to aluminum? That isn't too bad. Especially since it's currently cheaper than the Losi kit.
Yes sir, that is correct, plus TEKNO offers a lifetime 50% warranty for any broken parts you mail into them with no questions asked.

Originally Posted by sea1swk View Post
If you want to spend some $, and play a bit, convert a et410 to a Shortcourse. Pound or Two lighter. Less slop in drivetrain. Quiet. Nice Suspension.
For a track with big air, you can't beat the durability of the SCT410, maybe upgrade to a TBone Racing front bumper if you take a lot of nasty nose dives.

Only concern I have with the ET410 conversion is the bulkheads.... granted I rarely broke a bulkhead on my ET410 when I used to own one, but would tend to bust a bulkhead or bend a supension arm pin with every new track layout change when learning new jump features. For a smaller indoor track I think the ET410 conversion might work well, it's just not as durable as the SCT410 is.

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