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Originally Posted by Darkstorm05 View Post
Looking to pick up a 4wd SCT for racing. What are the current competitive kits? Or are we between releases and better to wait? Would be running primarily on outdoor clay and sometimes dirt. Most of these tracks are mainly ebuggy tracks but run 4wd 1/10. A couple are primarily 1/10. Would like something that can run any of these with minimal setup changes. I can get local parts support for most any of the big brands. I currently run Losi, AE, and XRay stuff if that helps the choice. What does everyone like?

two words

TRAXXAS SLASH.... reality, there are really only two competitive short course 4x4 trucks on the market.

TLR SCTE...2.0 or 3.0
Tekno sct410.3

Dont waste your money on anything else....and definitely avoid a slash 4x4 if you want to be competitive. trust me. i drive one and it cost way too much and it is still not competitive.
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