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Default Transmission conversion.

Originally Posted by RePeTe View Post
there is no set screw. but I also don't really feel any difference. I bought only because I need to replace the front drive shaft so figured I would do the upgrade. I wasn't too thrilled with the small bearings, as the original setup had nice big bearings that last forever.
Ive put it on my car and it definately frees up the drive train. The major change is the pinion gear is straight cut,its not a day and night change but the car rolls better and carries a touch more corner speed. Also the acceleration is slightly better.So its a minor change but add it with the other changes like the thinner hubs and the new B plate and the rear camber link holder the car becomes more aggressive and turns better. For me i was unsure at first but now ive made a few changes im more consistent and im a good half second a lap quicker.
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