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Originally Posted by guitars911 View Post
Question on the Maclan MMAX Pro 160A ESC. Just had my first race day with my new ET410 outfitted with a New Maclan 160A ESC and New Maclan 5.5T v2 motor. After around 2min 30sec +/- into each heat the truck would go into some sort of limp mode at 1/4 power or so.

I checked the ESC settings and all looked ok to me. Cutoff at 3.2V, no extra timing added, temp cut off at 220F etc. My temps right off the track were 150's on the motor and high 140's on the ESC. So I thought maybe my battery pack was getting old. Checked it and it still had 50% remaining on a friends battery checker. So I swapped the battery out with the one in my 4wd buggy. Same issue right about the same time into the heat. So I tried yet another battery pack and added a Maclan 30mm fan just for kicks. Same issue, but the temps came down on both the motor and ESC to the low 130's It had a 2 beep series of tones as well. Then after it sat for a couple of minutes on the bench or if you immediately power cycled the ESC all was good again, but only for a really short period of time?

I ran the Maclan 160A ESC's in both my 2wd and 4wd buggies on carpet this winter with no issues.

I think the ESC is flaky and through it into low voltage or high temp cutoff mode when neither are the case.

Any thoughts from anyone.
Turn your LVC protection off and time your runs to no more than 10 minutes. See if the problem goes away. I turn of all my protection and don't have any issues
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