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Thanks David, the racers all stepped up to help tremendously, from being on the line in time, to the volunteers we got for the C while the Sedan A turned the cars around. Going forward I would like to use this year as a building block to formalize a few procedures or precedents, just so that for me next year, the director 10 years from now or all the racers, if an abnormality in the program arises, we will have an idea how things should be handle from race starting to rain delay/race re-runs. Just like car set-ups, write it down, helps the memory and questions later. So by all means you and everyone else flood me with suggestions. I may seem a bit flustered from time to time but I do listen and take everything into account.

Also T-Shirts will be available in Lincoln, it's looking like $15 each up to 2XL and 20 for 3XL and above, they will be available in both red or green, PLEASE MESSAGE ME WITH SIZES FOR ANYONE WANTING TO PRE-ORDER, WE WILL HAVE EXTRAS BUT PRE-ORDERING WILL MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR PREFERRED SIZE AND COLOR. A big shout out to the BCRC / Pan Car Nation guys for helping sponsor the T-Shirt program, the pan-car guys have a lot of love for this hobby.

See you all in Lincoln

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