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Originally Posted by KoP View Post

Travel case- overkill

I donít put too much faith in a lipo sack for storage or charging.
I purchased a Bat-Safe as I have confidence in them after watching their videos proving the retention of a fire caused by overcharging.

I nearly blew up a battery while charging (still do not know what I did wrong? Over current, wrong charger setting, dunno?). Anyhow caught it when it had swollen up the size of my fist. Super scary!!! So after a bit of research, the Bat-Safe looked to be the only real answer for containing lipo fires. They make two sizes and cost less than the price of one battery.
Very timely, I've been looking into the bat-safe recently so thanks for posting that. Just need to confirm how many 2S' and 1S' I can (or should?) fit into it for storage.
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