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Originally Posted by Randy_Pike View Post
While you cannot resize the window, you should see all the buttons. Do you have a custom color scheme in windows? Most times we see or hear complaints about something like this it's a color setting or other display setting.
Here are some screenshots of the problems and I wrote some info under the screenshots to clarify what's happening. I hope your team can reproduce the issue and find a fix for it.
I'm on Windows 10 1809 64-bit

And another thing I noticed: I set my torque limiter to 8 with the iPhone app yesterday and today I wanted to have a look at the logs and saw that my torque limiter was at max in the PC hotwire app. I verified again on my phone and it said 8.
I then changed my torque limiter to 8 on the PC and when I checked with my phone, it was set to 6. So it seems that the values on the PC and iOS app, don't show the same values for the torque limiter. The other values were OK and showed exactly the same on PC and iOS.

EDIT: I think it's a bug in the iOS app. When I torque limit to 8 in the iOS app, the lights on the speed control show all the leds. When I choose torque limit 10 (max) in the iOS app, only 1 led lights up on the speed control. It seems that 8 is max and 9-10 are the lowest values.

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