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I think what Targetingxmod is getting after is comparing Apples to Oranges.

The Baja Rey is a Basher, the RC8T3 a full on Race Truggy, that is how they were designed and marketed. The easiest way to figure out what you may or may not like, is to read through the respective threads for each vehicle.

They both have their ups and downs of course. And although the Baja Rey is 1/6 scale, it does not mean its more durable, hence all the bent rear Rods on it. I would not know many that are die hard racers, that also would have purchased the Baja Rey, and vice Versa. If you want a truly durable basher type vehicle get a Vektra.5, and be done with it.

But in both threads there is a lot of info, keep in mind that the majority of the RC8T3 owners will be racers, and the Super Baja Rey owners bashers, so again take that into context.
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