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Originally Posted by KeeneRc View Post
On the other hand before I got into nitro I was always wanting to play Pitman for someone. Now thats a serious rush of andrenaline when your driver is in contest for the top 3 spots in a close battle then comes in for fuel then part of the drivers race position relies on your ability to get a quick and efficient fuel stop! That feeling right there is why I decided to get into nitro, nothing but smiles everytime I mess with it. Before hand I would always marshall for the nitro races learning the throttle inputs and lines the rigs were taking from the infield point of view. Just the experience is the true feeling of RC racing.
good tips - i've pitted for a few people but never in a long main, that would be fun! and marshalling some qualies would be a good way to watch and learn exactly what you said - throttle inputs, and lines chosen.

i was able to put some more time into mine this week. one thing i noticed after a while was the car felt like it had a drag brake set as i was attempting to roll through corners. i was near the end of my track time anyway so pulled it off and later found a clutch bearing had seized up. maybe the cause not sure.. anyway i found a package of JT UCB's in my mailbox when i got home so will see how durable these are..
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