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Originally Posted by Nerobro View Post
While.. not a terrible idea. This does run into the "mail order, multiple vendors" thing that gets scary, complicated and difficult. TT02b, or heck, even the Losi 22, you can walk into the local horizon hobby dealer and walk out the same day with your car. I'd be a lot more "ok" with a "here's the amazon links, prime will have it to you by friday" type thing.

Unrealistic is a problem. And one we may need to talk to the industry about. If people can't get in at a reasonable price, we're screwed.
If making an online order from two major online hobby stores is scary, complicated and difficult then assembling a kit might not be right for the person you have in mind either.

There is a price premium for being able to purchase in a store and get advice and guidance. Buying second hand gear from someone at the local club is the other way to do this and also gets people involved in the community. Also it saves the more intimidating step of assembling the car.

I think just let novices run whatever they want within reason. I think the Slash fills the gap that you are trying to describe. It's fine if you don't like them, or if others don't either- they can run what they like too!

The fighter cup in Germany does also look like a fun, cost effective way to get people involved, and they're slow enough to learn some skills too.
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