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Originally Posted by mushroomed View Post
For $500 and nothing second hand.... I'd say that's a tough budget and unrealisitc

To get there I'd suggest a new last-generation kit and then cheap hobbyking gear for everything else.

It's not going to be pretty or even a good idea but if you view it all as replaceable parts then this would be a cheaper way to get into it with a quality chassis.
While.. not a terrible idea. This does run into the "mail order, multiple vendors" thing that gets scary, complicated and difficult. TT02b, or heck, even the Losi 22, you can walk into the local horizon hobby dealer and walk out the same day with your car. I'd be a lot more "ok" with a "here's the amazon links, prime will have it to you by friday" type thing.

Unrealistic is a problem. And one we may need to talk to the industry about. If people can't get in at a reasonable price, we're screwed.

Originally Posted by Billy Kelly View Post
I guess the smaller sized batteries could be considered an small issue. *snip* Iíve never seen one. Or rarely even give that brand a thought.
The "not normal" size components means you can't just grab an anything and go. It also means if you buy a good ESC, or battery, or servo, you can't take it with you when you move on.

You did last Saturday. Twice. :-) I had my TRF201, and my TT02b out on the track.

Originally Posted by jon003 View Post
The slash gets recommended a lot because it's durable, cheap, upgradable, and competes well in a common class of racing (SCT). Parts and support are everywhere.
I'd argue with durable, SCT's just aren't. I'd argue with upgradable. The problems with the slash are intrinsic to the truck, and there's not much getting around it. They're also the poster child for trying to do to much with a small car. If broken chassis are a common thing (and they are with slashes..) you've done something very wrong on the manufacturer side. Traxxas just pulled themselves out of hobbytown/horizon which... means parts are going to be a lot more difficult. And, it bears repeating, they're huge cars. And they're in what I consider to be a trash class. They're really good for selling parts.....
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