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Originally Posted by Sir 51D3WAYS View Post
If it is going to be "baby's first r/c car" as opposed to "baby's first race car", can I recommend any of the Tamiya "fun series" cars instead? Mega tough and very fun. If you want to "race", i'm struggling to think of better options than the tt02b....
This is what I get for writing a post at 4am. "Baby's first race car". The ideal is a car they can confidently use in the driveway, and show up and participate in sportsman or even a "tt02b" class.

Originally Posted by tygertyger View Post
For a 500$ starting package I would look at one of the Hobbyking TeamC rebrands (BZ444).
I am willing to keep an open mind about a lot of things but... a TT02B? That's just throwing money out the window, period.
First, they're discontinued, but that highlights another problem. If you want a long lived class, it needs to be a long lived chassis. There's some Quanam cars, but where are you going to get parts for it? The TT02 is.. old... and also still in production with new parts. And there's no sign of the TT02 being replaced anytime soon. I won't argue that the TT02b is something you can "grow" with, but it's cheap, available, and well supported in the US.

Also many of the TT02's come with ESC and Motor, so you're starting well there.

Originally Posted by Billy Kelly View Post
Iím a bit confused by the question. But Iíll take a shot. Having yet to try any form off off road racing. What about going with a smaller scale to start with. The Associated 1/14 Reflex or Losi mimi8 as a starter class.
Original tires didnít last long. Didnít expect them to. Mini8 desert buggy tires. I donít see these wearing out any time soon.
The bumps, jumps, and other features of r/c tracks are setup for 1/10 scale cars. I've tried smaller scale cars, and it makes them wildly unpredictable. Going smaller scale also means using different batteries, often different connectors, and makes finding servos, escs, and other things... more tricky.

I hadn't looked in a while, but $300 RTR.. that's cheaper than traxxas. Losi: 22S ST Brushless RTR, AVC, Blue/Silver: 1/10 2WD: Losi (LOS03017T2) And being a stadium truck, you get around the noisy/ugly/disposable 1/8th scale body problem. (and things like this, are why I post threads like this..)

Originally Posted by 1/8 IC Fan View Post
So, I will chime in here a bit. Is this to be a thread based on a Slash vs. TT02-B, or trying to figure out what is a good class for young kids (or something else)? Just trying to see where this is to go.
It's something of a mental exercise. I really, really, dislike SCTs. I miss stadium trucks. I think buggies are cool. The "start" of the discussion is Slash versus TT02b, but the point is "how do we get people racing?" not just kids. Having something cool to drive should be high on that list. The Slash means you can only consider trucks cool. The TT02b gives you the plasma edge, neo scorcher, and dual ridge bodies right off the bat. And if you want a truck body on there, it's just a few body posts away.

Now.. i'm thinking about that Losi 22...

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