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Default The "what to race" question - Is the slash a bad idea? Is the TT02b better?

Excuse me for a moment, while I don my fire resistant underwear...

..... Ok then. Here we go.

The slash is a problematic platform. First, it's huge, which leads to lots of other problem. The bodies are also large, and expensive. The bodies are more disposable than a 1/12 scale car. The chassis is a scaled up buggy, and tend to break. They have high CG's. They're rear motor, while not inherently a problem it's atypical of modern race cars. They're a buggy, that's been asked to do a lot, leading to breakage, a sloppy sounding, and sloppy feeling vehicle. What's almost as big of a deal, is the slash is always a RTR. "How do I fix <insert item here>" are painfully frequent questions.

Watching SCT's race, is not.. something.. I ... enjoy. They're noisy, sloppy, and end up upside down way more than you'd expect.

So what's the next option? And.... really there doesn't seem to be much. The Traxxas bandit isn't much better, with it's high CG and styling that would have been dated in the late 80's. While there's $99 on road options, I can't find anything in the off road market.

Tamiya sells the DT02, which has most of the Slash problems, but being smaller, it doesn't get hurt as often. And then there's the DT03, which while a more modern layout, isn't a whole lot better.

Here's what I propose. "Baby's first r/c car" should be a TT02b. It's 4wd, which is something people should get a handle on, weather they're serious about off road or on. 4wd means it takes standard wheels. It also takes standard size tires. There's a slew of bodies available for it. (Dual ridge, Plasma Edge, Rising Storm) so people can have cars that look different. There's a huge parts supply, as it's 80% the same as the on road TT02. And it's mostly made of soft plastics, so it bounces instead of breaks.

Without a whole lot of hunting, you can have a useful TT02b, with battery and charger for less than a Slash.

Now the TT02 has problems too. Shoving a 13.5 in one is asking for broken parts, but I bet it's quite happy on a torque tuned motor. It can spit out dogbones if it hits something hard enough. The box kit has almost no adjust ability beyond shock oil, and shock preload.

So that's my argument for "something other than the slash". What would you propose? Am I just unaware of the cheap chassis for off road use?

Ok.. enough night rambling. Pretend the slash isn't a thing. How would you get someone into racing off road. Your budget is $500, and you can't say "buy used".
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