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Something about power-bands, clutches, BRAAAAPPP off the pipes, and the day you get the perfect tune for that race. Its hard to explain the sens of accomplishment when years of mechanical knowledge all come together with good driving, and then you lap the sh!t out of everybody. Nitro separates the mechanics and the dedicated from the "instant gratification people" in 1/8th racing. I'll admit I will be forced to build an electric rig because it is the trend, but I'll always love and remember my best days with nitro over the silent. sole-less electrics. Running long mains, and pitting with fuel guns is actually fun. Turn marshalling, and pit work are the sport part of the hobby. ..and for all the video game, lazy, soy boy. electric only drivers, go suck it! LOL! Its too noisy, its too smelly, its too dirty,... you all sound like a bunch of little b*tches! JK. This is a family channel so I'll go easy on you...

I started racing electrics in the 90's, so I guess its come full circle, all the way back to electrics. If you cant beat'em, join'em, but I'll never love it! LOL!

Rant over...
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