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Originally Posted by Solico View Post
I don't see why not, it was a direct drop in for the RS4 and rs4-2. In fact I'm about to purchase one as well for my RS4-2, if not slap in a TRX 3.3 / 2.5 in there.
if you get a trx 2.5 or 3.3 I would definitely look into replacing the rod with one from rb:
Traxxas HD Rod

The stock rod, unbelievably doesn't have a bushing to ride on for the piston side, so it's prone to breaking, splitting, detonating at any moment.

I've had an unused trx 3.3 in my nrs4 for IDK around 12+ years maybe, and just recently swapped the rod with plans on running it. Also be sure to preheat the upper part of the engine prior to breaking in to prevent any stress to the rod.
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