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Originally Posted by refsiul22 View Post
Hi guys, I switched recently to HW in my SCT... was happy at the beginning, BUT..

XR8 SCT ESC / 3652SD G2 4300KV

I'm having the problem that after a regular jump (or hard landing), the car turns OFF. I turn it on again and it goes back to normal but the problem repeats again and again.

Sometimes, after a big jump (right after landing) I just lost TH for a few seconds (4-5 sec) while ST seems normal.

I'm kind of confused as where to start digging... I'm looking for possible answers (and similar experiences / solutions)

I don't think is a matter of temp, battery or bad soldering..... but honestly, I'm open to all suggestions.
Just start ticking things off,
resolder it.
Sensor lead
Borrow a motor to test.
Borrow a esc to test
All that kind of stuff... once you find if its esc or motor or soldering, isolate it and test differnt things to do with that item.
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