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Default Acme cyclone Pro (hsp 94122)

Im new to nitro & a modifier. This thread will be for the cyclone pro. I got mine from nitrotek & refuse to give them sods anymore money, they got my backup. Any company that there products cost 100s of that you can't call for advice is scum. Oh there's some nitrotek fresh desk thing,
​ wich is probably not in the UK & you can only message them & wait up to 48hrs for a reply​​​​​​This thread I hope to be all things cyclone upgrade & modificationsI think the Cyclone & hsp 94122 are the same. The main components. Drive train, suspension, differentials, & more. Let's try to prove this so we get the same parts with no + % $.See picnotice the similarities. Look at that upper front suspension arm. I think it's the same car well all the major components. Let's prove it & save money
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