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Originally Posted by Krogers View Post
I'm just getting into carpet oval. There are two excellent ones that have good turnouts for Legends. Neither of them enforce any rules to speak of. They allow the break-out format to take care of that. It suits me just fine. Everyone suggested the perfect motor was a 17.5T because... well, just because about sums up the suggestions. Funny thing is one track is the Rug. From what I can tell about carpet ovals, it's maybe the longest oval on the East Coast, and most certainly within my reach. The funny thing is the other track is MUCH shorter. The two extremes of what I'll probably ever see, near as I can tell.

I've worked out that my Legends gearing gives about 2.0-2.5" roll out. At the short track, my TX's throttle range setting is about 45%. At the Rug, it's around 80%. I'm guessing the gearing misses being efficient somewhat at the Rug and really inefficient at the short track. I'm also guessing the 17.5s aren't close to being the most appropriate for the track combination. Or maybe it's the gearing.... or...…. anyway....

I don't see the choice of sensor/sensorless as being important to me right now. But also don't have a clue how to pick a sensorless that matches a 17.5T, or whether or not that would be a smart thing to do anyway.

I'm rambling.... right.....
So let me shift gears and simply ask a few questions....
Any reasons to try and find a sensorless that performs like a 17.5?
Are there any?

Anything I put under my Legends' bodies is going to pass tech. I'm enjoying looking for the smartest parts to put under them.
thanks for any help offered
Now that you've explained this is for a Legend and why you want to do this, I'll offer some hints:
1) For breakout is is more efficient to run a higher KV motor (than the 17.5) geared much lower. The average current draw is less, draining the battery less, and thus your lap times will be more consistent from beginning to end of race.
2) Try a 4 or 6 pole 3300 KV Dynamite Tazer sensorless motor - you can change rotation by swapping two wires. The KV is much higher than a 17.5 but that goes with suggestion #1
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