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There we go. That's sounds more than reasonable. There doesn't seem to be any empirical detriment to running 6s, nothing quantifiable with numbers and specs anyway. It is more qualitative preference - opinion and observation. Not that those are less meaningful. I will consider 4s. Perhaps there is a benefit in weight or discharge rates.... I like EC5 connectors but that's fun to remedy with the Hakko Seems like a 1400kV Tekin T8 G3 will be nice with 6s if I'm bent on using 6s. It will be down to size and weight of equivalent 4s vs 6s run-time packs. I suspect it will be a wash.

I understand the relationship between mah and voltage, I think. In an ideal world ~35% less mah should result in similar run times between 4s and 6s (less amp consumption) - right? How discharge rates apply in 4s and 6s applications is something I don't thoroughly understand. I don't see any 6s packs that discharge at 100C+. Then again, I don't think any motors for 1/8 buggies will reach that either. Guess I should read-up on this...

Thanks again guys!
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