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Default reverse motor ?? possible ?

I've got a 17.5T sensored motor/esc installation that I'd like to reverse. It presently has the output shaft (and gears) sticking out the right side of the chassis. I'd like to run with the gears out the left side. That would shift the rear weight of the car to the inside of the turns. Without ballast, the right rear presently has 2+ ounces more than the left rear, exactly backwards from what I'd like the car to have.

It took a couple of minutes to switch the motor/gears/axle around. Getting the Spektrum TX to throttle/brake properly isn't working at all.

Simply reversing the throttle in the TX doesn't hack it.

It may be obvious that I've just started running RC cars. Got 50 years of flying models including electric. Unfortunately the radios are very different between cars and planes. To get my planes' motors to spin the other way takes swapping a couple of wires. They don't have sensored motors however. And simply reversing the throttle on my DX5C doesn't work either.

Is there a way to reverse the rotation of the (Reedy) motor/esc? Somebody at the track said he thought they could be reprogrammed. Reedy really doesn't have much info about their stuff. The info that came with them is really sparse.


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