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Originally Posted by metalmike View Post
Damn. Well that is aggravating. I had written an extensive reply - detailed comments, explanations, questions and expressions of gratitude. It wouldn't post right away because it needed to be approved. That is why I hadn't responded sooner, I couldn't post.

Well now it seems like I can post, but my detailed response has magically vanished and I simply don't have the will to try to recreate it or craft another. Sorry.

The short form is as follows, but first you guys must know that I am extremely grateful for the guidance! Thank you very very much!!

So here is what I am thinking so far.

Futaba 4PV radio
MKS-HBL599 Servo
Tekin RX8-G3 w/ Redline T8-G3 Motor for 6s not sure on 1350kV, 1550kV, 1700kV (truggy can/size if it fits)

As to why the Xray over Tekno, the Tekno seems 'pedestrian' to me. No other reason.

Charger-wise - very happy with Power Labs.

Thanks again gents!!!
As Zerodefect stated:

There is really no reason to go 6S on an 1:8 buggy, 4S gives you plenty of performance and speed, if anything it will become a Pain in the rear! It was designed for a 4S setup after all.

The advice of most given is based on what we know and have experience with.
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