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Originally Posted by Bry195 View Post
I cant claim to know more about the system then castle but is above what Ive seen on any stock class system and is about what you get out of the most refined moto control systems that exist.
Now i need someone to lend me one to test!
Originally Posted by Bry195 View Post
check my dyno curves ive been putting on here for 17.5, 21.5, and 25.5. I just applied the efficiencies i see on these smaller motors. Just an assumption.
There is a reason we don't make a 2 pole ROAR motor. The two pole design specified by ROAR is actually a rather poor design. All of our motors are 1, 1.5, or 2 turn motors and have 85-95% efficiency. We prefer adjust the kv of the motor by adjusting the length of the stator or the magnets. In 1/10th scale motors, we make between a 1900kv and a 7700kv motor with those 1, 1.5, or 2 turns configurations. Specifying a motor by turn count is almost meaningless because there are so many other factors that contribute to the actual RPM of the motor, but the 2 pole design has most of those locked down to keep motors as consistent between brands. When we developed our sensored motors we tested our 1406 4600kv motor vs a 7.5 turn motor on our dyno and put a 300 watt load on both. The 7.5 turn motor hit 300F in about 2 minutes and it stopped working. Our 1406 4600kv ran for 5 minutes and only got to about 230F.

In 1/8th scale there was no electric buggies until we came out with the original Mamba Monster and 1515 motor because there was no motors that could survive the load of 1/8th scale. We had to start the e-buggy class by making electric conversion kits for nitro buggies because no one made electric buggies at the time. In 1/8th scale, most of the other motor brands are similarly efficient because they have to be.

Also worth mentioning that the motor he has can do over 2hp and our 1/5th scale motor, the 2028, can peak over 10hp from a motor about the size of a soda can.
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