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Arrow I have my conclusion I think...

Originally Posted by frewster View Post
Me too. I only recently got a lipo bag after years of running. All I do is use common sense - don't keep them in a hot car, don't over or under volt them, make sure they aren't physically damaged etc.
I've come to the conclusion this is probably the most logical answer. Today I was at Harbor Frieight with every intention to buy more ammo cans, but the cases with foam inserts that are weatherproof, dust-proof and impact resistant kept catching my eye. I read through the little warning & instruction booklet that came with a new LiPo I bought (Gens Ace) and it talked mainly about charging and discharging. I'd go as far as to say 95% of it was about that. The only mention of storage was referencing an acceptable temperature range and way from flammable items. No mention of keeping them in charging bags, inside fireproof cases, nothing like that.

I've also posed this question elsewhere and the answers are quite unanimous in a "better safe than sorry" consensus. Yet, everyone's answer is the same - inside a LiPo bag, inside of an Ammo can - yet, the ammo can could potentially act as a bomb with excessive pressure build up, or if you vent it, it may not be a bomb, but the flames will certainly not be contained within the ammo can - so really, what use is it? It appears people are being a bit overly cautious. Hell, I was too - and STILL putting my ass at risk even thinking I was doing right! Who puts just one LiPo in an ammo can? Do you have a can for each individual LiPo you own? I'd imagine we all put a couple in there - then comes the second question - do you put them in separate LiPo bags at $10.00 a pop, or do you put them in the same LiPo bag in the same can? Believe it or not, you're at greater risk doing that in your ammo can than you are doing what I'm doing (as pictured below). The warning / instructions I read specifically say, "Do not store LiPo's in a manner in which the leads can potentially touch". For years I stored 2 LiPo's in a LiPo charge bag inside the same ammo can not realizing the risk. Damn...

So - to each their own, but I think after doing research and getting some opinions / suggestions, the temperature of where the LiPo's are being stored is the paramount concern, and not necessarily what they are being stored in.
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