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Originally Posted by beemerfan View Post
What's the purpose of the vent hole? I've stored mine in an ammo can for years and have never done this. I'd prefer not to give a potential fire access to any oxygen. I know that lead-acid batteries need to "vent" but I've never heard a reason why LiPo would.
Ammo cans typically have some kind of rubber seal around the lid which ensures they are air tight. If a battery ignites inside and takes out the rest of the packs, that pressure could potentially build inside to the point where the ammo can explodes. Has there been any documented proof of this? Don't think so, but the theory is sound and it takes 10 seconds to drill a small 1/8-1/4" hole in the lid or side to ensure the pressure does not build. Some flame may escape out of this hole but I think the consensus is that it won't be significant enough to ignite surrounding materials, considering you should be storing batteries away from flammable surfaces/substances...
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