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Alright! So I checked out those suggestions and they are spot on. Thank you guys, very very very very helpful

Bashing - 99% I can't see doing any racing but who knows...

Speed controller & Motor - That Tekin RX8 Gen3 for sure, paired with a T8 Gen3 motor looks good for me - Not sure if I can put a Truggy size in the buggy or just get the buggy size. Also not decided on where to land on 'kv'. It will be in the 1900 - 1350 range I'm guessing (selecting 3040 vs 3048 will narrow the 'kv' choice for me). I am thinking a little larger will be run cooler if it fits?

Battery-wise, less of a challenge here. Great to know I can go with 6s (I see that now). I want 6s because; I have 1300W of power backing a Power Lab conditioning/charging unit with balance board and parallel charging loom rigged-up for 6 batts (ya I can make or buy connectors for 4s and the balance board accommodates all types). I would think the lower KV will run cooler with the higher voltages/lower amp, run time?

Radio! - huge thanks there. Choices are more confusing but I think it will be the Fut 4PV and some receiver variant. The Spek DX5Pro caught my eye when I was looking around. I have a DX8 which is fine and trouble free albeit a little cryptic and inexpensive.

Servos will be tough, Maybe a coin flip. Great to know to shoot for something approaching the 400oz torque. Can you have too much torque? Nice to need only one servo. I seem to be drawn to MKS X6 HBL599 because I had the brand in the past, or a Tekin T 300 or 440 because the ESC will be that brand. I am not committed though.

Well, I feel like a got a handle on this stuff thanks to you gents, again huge thanks! If you have any comments on my responses, of course they are welcome. I would appreciate the vetting!

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