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Default got 1st kit - please help with components

Hello everyone. Please help me complete my kit

So my new XRAY XB8E'19 will be here in the next couple of days. I need to pick a motor, esc, servo, radio and receiver. I know nothing about RC cars (zero), this will be my first, ever. I tried RC Helicopters (just one) about 8 yrs ago or so, and it was very cool. Never managed a successful flight, so it has been collecting dust ever since - lol. The point is I know a little about RC building, and I am pretty sure none of the heli's components (Kontronik Jive, Scorpion, Demon HC3SX, MKS servos, Radio etc) are suitable for use in the buggy - apparently.

Anyway, if the XB8E descriptions included recommendations for compatible electronics, I could make some decisions, possibly. For parameters, I have few. It will be 6S lipo powered, and quality & performance is all I care about. The not so simple question is; For this particular buggy, which 'top-shelf' motor, servo and esc would you select? Maybe easier, what size/format/form-factor do I need for each of those items (I.e. how much servo torque)?

Your opinions and time will be greatly appreciated!

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