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Default New DX6R

Hey everyone I'm new to the posting side of the forum, but have been following posts leading to my DX6R purchase.

I just wanted to shout out to John at Horozons customer service... After I unboxed my radio, I could hear a rattle inside, and after removing the left wheel cover, found a loose nut inside.

John at Horizon spent our entire phone call taking apart one of the team members radios to figure out where it came from..Turns out it was a nut that holds the scree on, not a big deal.
That was awesome as I reside in Canada and bought it from Tower, and wasnt looking forward to the prospect of shipping it back... Thanks John!!

I do have a question..As my radio is only 2 weeks old, I see the new rebates came out yesterday! Had I would have known, I obviously would have waited to purchase it. Is there anyway to get in on that rebate?
Thanks to everyone who takes the time to post on the forums, it's certainly a great resource to everybody in the RC community.
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