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Default Arrma Senton BLX 6s Exposed spur gear

i everyone,

I got an Arrma Senton 6s 2018 a year or so ago and was annoyed that the spur gear is exposed on the underside of the chassi. It seems like a strange solution since it would seem to me that gravel or other debris could get stuck in there and potentially damage the spur gear or something else.

However, I have seen this solution on other RC:s and when I look at videos, I can see that people are driving the RC without covering the spur with a skid plate or anything else. So, maybe it's not a big deal?

I tried using tape myself, many layers with some strong stuff and it didn't work, it got shredded. One day when I was out driving, it sounded like something got inside the transmission somewhere but after having stripped down the spider gears and not finding anything, I'm not sure. I'm thinking the tape may have had the opposite effect that I was hoping for.

Either way, what'd you guys say about this? Should I cover it with something or will it be fine as it is?

I can't link to an image or attach one it would seem as I haven't posted enough posts to show how the spur gear is exposed. I googled "arrma senton 6S 2018 skidplate" (without quotation marks) and found several images though.
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