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Originally Posted by outlandr91 View Post
He said it was a mute point, as in silent Now, had he said it was a moot point it might be different.
Aren't you going to miss pitting with me?
Apparently calling him out is the ONLY way to make him be quiet.

I'll say that there were definitely changes I'd have made.

First, I'd make sure to have more guys around to yell at customers over stupid, trivial things such as step stools and where they set their car down between races.

Second, I'd encourage more people to give smart ass remarks when asked for help, instead of actually helping. Nobody needs to share simple information like pan car roll out or FDR, people should just do it the old fashioned way, larger pinion and smaller spur til she melts down.

Third, I'd make sure more people knew to sit in their employee pit spot and peek over the wall at regular customers like they're common criminals, and proclaim that there are no more tabs, but continue to sit there instead of helping them check out.

So, who wants to come to my new track?
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