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Originally Posted by big ted View Post
Just picked up a used B6.1. Dunno what you guys are talking about 'easy access diffs.' 6 screws and still having to fiddle around with swaybars and shock towers to get everything out the way isn't exactly easy access in my view! [end grumble]
I can have a diff on the bench in less than 90 seconds, that is quick access!

The correct order is;

Remove to shock mount nut on non-spur side
Run out the single screw that runs across the gearbox split line
I run 2 holes in the wing so I don't have to remove it to get to the rear 2 screws .... if you don't then it's those 2 wing screws that need to be removed now.
Run out the 4 vertical screws
Fold the top section of the gearbox out of the way
Pull diff straight up and out.

OK I use a power screwdriver on lowest clutch setting to do the wrenching but even by hand it is only about twice as long.
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