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If you're going to be competitive in expert stock you'll eventually want to charge at higher amps. At least 20, its a good compromise between longevity and punch. 40a does reduce longevity but I still get an easy 100-200 charges out of new packs. Id say 300+ but I've been buying used packs (and not really tracking over all useage) until this year.

Also I think Ichargers take better care of your batteries no matter the charge amps. I first used a hitec charger in 2016 and once I started using an icharger my IR's dropped and my packs felt punchier even at low amps. I'd recommend a 308 or a 406, and if you're even slightly handy converting a server power supply is really easy. I spent $15 on mine.

As for esc Id get a hobbywing 80a. I have the 120a v3.1 but the cheaper/newer has more adjustments and still can run 13.5 easily. I do run mod occasionally so I got the 120a. Best bang for the buck esc's for sure. Either one is a good choice.
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