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Originally Posted by Marcos.J View Post
what happens when you go to a race like the IIC and you are way off the pace because everyone is running a spool? just saying

Track conditions most of us see at a club level aren't comparable to big race grip anyway. I've done pretty well for myself in the modified 1/12 class nationally and I haven't even had access to black carpet until this last year. In order to be successful at any race, you have to adapt to the conditions that are presented to you.

With that said..... I was hesitant to the "NW Spec Modified" class, but also found it is really enjoyable. The 6.5T on our track is fast enough that motor wars aren't an issue because it still goes slightly beyond the limits of the chassis and you actually have to drive it.... But it's not ridiculous. With a Gear diff or just a thicker/tight ball diff it drives great and really predictable. Most importantly, the quality of racing has improved dramatically. Cars actually finish, which has been something most can't do modified 1/12 anymore.

A spool becomes a serious issue when you are moving throughout the throttle range... which isn't exactly common in 17.5 1/12. It becomes very unpredictable, tracks unpredictably, spins out, pushes randomly, etc. If you're mostly at full throttle like in 17.5, spools are awesome! Navigating traffic is unreasonably difficult, and many unfortunate accidents occur purely because the cars are just doing weird stuff. The "soft" setups people speak of as the "solution" haven't been uncommon in the modified class for several years. Most of the people successful in the class have been setting up their cars like that for a while, far before spool's came into the picture.

Honestly, the spool has killed most of my enthusiasm for the class.
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