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We started running 13.5 at Apex in Nashville about 2 months ago on a regular basis. More for the yes you still have to drive it over a 17.5. Some runs spools some run diffs that are newish to 12th scale. But we have traction that Alexander Hagberg says is better than Snowbirds or Vegas. Tire is open but only because most are running different spec tires left over from big races. I got a bunch of purple stripes and I know some guys were running blue and white stripe and we all seem to be similar speed. Racing more just for the thrill of running 12th scale and a car that turns when you steer. Kemp Anderson wants to run mod but I might talk about the 6.5 with him instead of open mod for the same reason. With Mod most will be put off by the thought of being on the track with someone being able to run a 3.5, but aren't smart enough to choose not to, than anything. Just started to it a month or so now and have 15 guys in a 12th scale FB group to talk about it.

For the love of 12th scale
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