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Default Spec mod

hereís a few reason for running spec mod:

1) very few people have either the skills or the budget thatís necessary to run open balls-to-the-wall mod 1/12th. So it hardly ever gets run on the club level.
1a) I know absolutely nobody who enjoys buying a bunch of different foam tire compounds in the endless hunt for the best traction. Spec tires are SO much easier (and cheaper). Besides, they last a lot longer than soft open tires.
1c) Rarely if ever are club race track conditions grippy enough for open mod.
2) plenty of folks (including me) think 17.5 is just too slow. The racing looses something when itís possible to keep the throttle pinned throughout most of the infield. Also, for maximum fun, there should be a little ďpuckerĒ when going down the straightaway and into the sweeper. The cars donít need to be so fast that they far exceed the driversí abilities. But they do need to be fast enough to provide some thrill and also to require some finesse on application of throttle.
3) This one is the biggie - If guys like spec mod, choose to run it, have fun doing it, and participation goes up.......that pretty much proves the worth and value of running spec mod and thatís all the rationale thatís necessary.
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