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Originally Posted by Marcos.J View Post
what happens when you go to a race like the IIC and you are way off the pace because everyone is running a spool? just saying

Don't get me wrong, I love a 3.5/spool/open tire mod car on a good consistent track. It's even better when the track owner/organizers leave a layout down prior to the event kicking off. I know what to do for the most part to drop a car on a foreign track.

The gripe about spools in mod is two things: tires are hyper accurate 1-runs and being able to pass accurately in traffic. Those two things alone add up to tire cost and some frustration. I'll admit, when we sat down to the round table to discuss reformatting 12mod, I was a bit resistant. After we all sorted a few variables, we all looked at each other and said: now this fun. Here is a true story from day 1 testing our new format: leading the main, I yelled out to Trav Schreven who was marshaling, you gotta get up here and try this. He hadn't driven 12mod in a year, but on the 3rd lap, he was running the same pace. Trav was blown away how good it was. That day, we went from 3 guys trying something to next week, we had 5. By the Roar Regional, we had 10 cars signed up and racing. Korey won by 5 seconds, I was 2nd, Stuart was third....all within 1.5 laps. I think I used a total of 3 sets of specs. Navigated traffic beautifully with an 8 car field on a 7 second track. Used 1 body all weekend. Just saying.

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