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I love my 4010 icharger. Built in 18a discharger and capable of 40a with an external bank in addition to the 40a charging. But lately I've been charging at 20a because my cars have had plenty of punch and 40a charging does shorten your life. I upgraded from a Hitec x2 charger and feel like the Icharger takes care of the batteries health better. As in the last longer and work better in general. If you want to save money and are handy you can convert a server power supply for $20 instead of paying $90 for someone else doing it for you.

I don't know what you're comparing punch too but if you run a 13.5 or 7.5 then try a 17.5 of course it'll be slow. All of our current stuff is WAY more powerful than the old brushed stuff we used to run (I raced from 2000-2007 and got back into it in 2017). Stock motors are tricky. Some times going to a larger pinion increases punch and top speed, to a certain point. Fans are usually required to keep the motors alive.

Also I had two Gens ace 5500's fail on me this month that were new in January. As in internal cell connections resulting in one pack that has 0v after 5 laps and the other pack hit voltage cut after 3 minuets and had a full charge. Punch was great. It didn't have the initial crazy punch of the Muchmore packs I used to run but it also didn't fade like the muchmores after they got about 50 cycles on them. I bought the 5500's because my friend loaned me a 5000 older gens ace pack that did exactly as the 5500 did just slightly lower punch and higher IR's.

I replaced them with the new Reedy 4800 and 5800's. I don't expect them to have any issues and they've been good so far. I'd recommend a trinity lipo factory 4300 for a cheaper battery or maybe a Zeee 4600 for the ultra cheap end, but buyer beware with that. Probably less failure rates than GA though from other stuff I've heard.

Currently I run AE stuff. B6.1 and B64 with hobby wing 120a v3.1 and orion HMX both with reedy S+ stock motors on raw speed tires. I switched from TLR stuff right before the 5.0 came out and don't regret it at all. Just to give you an idea of my over all setup.
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