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Originally posted by Soviet
McDanials is a VERY fast, world-class Driver. Took 3rd in the ROAR East Carpet Nats at MiMi's in Maryland with almost zero prep-time. Used to race professionally and lived in Ohio / Indiana, used to run with Cyrul and others up there all the time. The guy is wicked fast.

Lets see you run a sub-9.5 second lap @ debbies. I'm right at 10.8 with my 4-cell 1/12th right now and that last second is VERY hard.

I'd correct yourself.
Let me correct myself this way. I race on a weekly basis with THREE US INDOOR CHAMPIONS, three or four A-main regulars, at the same race, a few of these guys are also ROAR NATIONAL CHAMPIONS, not East Carpet Nats Champs, but Actual ROAR NATIONAL Champions. I'm not the fastest guy in the world, but come on up to Platinum, or World of Hobbies in Cinci. I bet I can take you in 12th scale stock.

This in no way reflects poorly on Mike McDaniels, it just further proves that he must be that much better than everyone else down there. The cinder block he pushed around the track was an aerodynamic disadvantage whether you choose to accept it or not.
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