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I recently managed to source an aluminum upper-rear brace for this car. I needed to de-anodize it to remove the champagne-colored anodizing so it would match the other aluminum parts, so I decided to de-anodize the engine mounts, engine heatsink, and carb dial too:

The markings on the carb dial were no longer clearly visible after the de-anodizing process, so I took a triangular diamond-file and made new markings.

I'm starting to really like the ghostly whitish-silver appearance of de-anodized aluminum. I can't get the same look on the exhaust unfortunately, because it was never anodized in the first place, so oven-cleaner spray doesn't etch the surface the same way. It just turns the surface a dull gray, and unlike the dull finish left behind after de-anodizing, it can't be brightened again using Tarn-X jewelry cleaner. I'm contemplating painting it black with high-temperature BBQ grill paint, so it will match the engine crankcase instead. Or maybe I'll just leave it as-is, since exhaust headers get really hot and are bound to discolor eventually -- they're generally the ugliest part of any engine that has been run for more than 5 minutes in its life.
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