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We need more cheaper race worthy tires. We need manufacturers agree on standardizing wheels and the different offsets. It's very frustrating when you own different brand of buggies and need to pick up specific wheel for each car. At least with touring cars, it's much better, all can use the same wheel.

We need manufacturers to give us more setup guide, not just one size fits all. For example, for touring cars, manufactures should give us a setup guide for USGT, VTA, and mod. Maybe another one for different tracks, carpet vs asphalt. And step it up even further by driving style; smooth easy driving, aggressive driving, a lot of steering, well balanced, and etc...you get the idea. Adds a lot of value for little to no cost.

The problem with petit rc setup sheet is that they're all developed by pros running mostly on Mod and doesn't translate well for average Joes. And for a newb, how do you know which one to pick out of hundreds.

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