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Originally Posted by Kremzeek View Post
Yeah, that would probably work. Is Kyosho still the only one that offers an LM plate?

For now, I might just use a smaller shim under the post and see if that gives me an extra mm or two. Worst case scenario, I just use a different body.
R246 have two different models, one is 98mm only and mounts in the low position (MML) and one is 102mm in the low position but can mount in the high position (above adapter/mount) for 98mm. 3Racing has one LM which only mounts in the low position.

I have designed my own to be 3d printed, loosely based on the 3racing model which I had to reference. If you plan to race under production class rules (PN), 3d printed parts are not permitted. I personally do not agree with this rule if the parts are available to be purchased in an online an such as shapeways, but I don't write the rules. The white models are the prototype, red/blue production sample. I am revising tonight to have both print in one part, adding a 102mm damper plate, and slotting the top shock mount for fine adjustment rather than using holes. I spaced the red arms further away from center than the 3racing LM adapter to give more space for the damper to move laterally. It also allows me to use the titanium atomic LM plate with my adapter (which was not planned).

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